Our sustainable way

Our sustainable way of thinking

As the world’s leading match manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing quality products in a responsible manner. Sustainability comes natural to us, both in thought and in action – it is part of our DNA.

We have been manufacturing matches at Swedish Match for more than 150 years. Sweden is our home ground. We are proud that all our production takes place in this beautiful country and that all our suppliers of timber are located here. From a sustainability point of view, a local presence is important for us, while keeping our mind-set global. To safeguard sustainability and retain our Swedish factories for at least another 150 years, we must take responsibility for our impact on the environment and the local communities where we do business. It also involves taking responsibility to protect the health and safety of our employees and our consumers, as well as taking economic responsibility towards our stakeholders.

Svenska skärgården

Environmental responsibility

For us, taking environmental responsibility is to work consciously and actively to reduce and mitigate the negative environmental impacts of our business operations. Our environmental responsibility encompasses the entire value chain. We are maintaining a close dialogue with our suppliers regarding sustainable forest sourcing and forest management. Our production chain is characterized by efficient management of energy, waste and water, by minimizing the use and effluent of chemicals, and by taking eco-efficiency measures at all our facilities. We are proud that more than 90 percent of our matches and matchboxes are made from renewable materials. Environmental responsibility permeates every aspect of our operations and management systems.

Minimizing chemicals and heavy metals in our production

Keeping an eco-friendly approach while manufacturing our products comes naturally for us. Minimizing chemicals and heavy metals in our production is an important part of fulfilling this commitment. For example, we use a head composition without sulphur and hazardous heavy metals. We apply a strict chemical policy and an exhaustive process for assessing and approving any risks associated with chemicals, whatever the use. In our product development process, we are constantly working towards increasing the proportion of renewable raw materials in our products.

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Transporting goods by train to reduce carbon emissions

Our exclusive use of local aspen is a conscious action to reduce our carbon emissions. To further shrink our carbon footprint, we transport as much goods as possible by train.


Swedish aspen – a sustainable raw material

All wood used in our matches is Swedish aspen, and we use approximately 25,000 cubic meters of timber each year. Aspen is the best wood for making matches. It is forested locally in Sweden and is an eco-friendly alternative in terms of sustainable forestry. Aspen is a natural part of Swedish deciduous forests, along with other trees. The regrowth of Swedish aspen is far greater than the consumption. All logging is in accordance with Swedish forestry law.

Our raw wood material and timber suppliers are located in the south of Sweden, in the vicinity of our factories. This enables us to reduce our environmental impact by optimizing the transport route between forests, wood suppliers and factories.

We have been FSC® certified since 2009, and in 2015, about 35 percent of all our raw wood material was FSC certified. Our goal is to purchase only FSC certified aspen in the future. To fulfil this requirement, we maintain a close dialogue with our suppliers, constantly scanning the market for FSC certified wood.

Social responsibility

Our social responsibility includes working conscientiously and responsibly in relation to our employees, our external stakeholders and the local community where we operate. We strive for responsible and safe practices and processes in al our business activities. We promote a working environment with high ethical and moral standards, where the employees respect and care about one another, the company and the society.

A safe place to work

We are committed to providing a safe and secure work environment. Our focus is on reducing risks that can cause accidents of affect the health and well-being of our employees. For example, all hazardous machines have been covered with protective barriers. Machines emitting a high noise level have been enclosed for hearing protection. We actively and proactively improve the ergonomics of the work environment for our employees.

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Community involvement

The prosperity of society and our business success are closely related. We therefore strive to continuously contribute to the communities where we live and operate in order to move society and our business forward. Examples of actions are our Swedish foundation, Solstickan established in 1936, and the Norwegian foundation Nitedals Hjelpestikkefond. The Solstickan foundation is supporting two major groups in the Swedish society: disabled and sick children, and elderly people. For every Solstickan matchbox sold, part of the selling price is donated to the foundation.

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Economic responsibility

Our economic responsibility involves striving to ensure profitability in order to create long-term value for our stakeholders, and to contribute to a sustainable economy both locally and globally. By creating value for our consumers, we create value for our shareholders and for the communities in which we operate.

Ethical business practices

We are committed to employing sound business ethics in all our operations and relationships with stakeholders. We build relationships through honesty and integrity, and we respect current laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate.

Factory efficiency

Our factories are the most modernized and high-tech match factories in the world today. This is a key factor for maintaining sustainability in the long run. Our match factories are safe from occupational health and safety perspective. They are also efficient from a business standpoint. This is a win-win situation for all parties involved.