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About 40% of our production is sold in Europe, while the rest goes to Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, Oceania and the Middle East. Some of the most well-known brands are Solstickan, Three Stars, The Palmtree, The Flower Basket, Swan Vestas and The Swallow.

Our Nordic brands are Solstickan, Nitedals Hjelpestikker and Tordenskjold. All of the safety matches produced in Swedish Match’s factory in Tidaholm are environmentally sound. No hazardous raw materials are used. The Solstickan brand accounts for 98% of all matches sold in Sweden. For every Solstickan box sold, some of the proceeds are donated to the Solstickan Foundation, which has a mission to support two main groups – people with disabilities and sick children, and the elderly. About SEK 1.5 million is donated every year.

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Aspen is one of the most common deciduous trees in Sweden and grows all across the country, even north of the Arctic Circle. Swedish aspen timber is white, strong and elastic, which makes it ideal for match manufacturing. The long tough fibers of aspen ensure the match is strong and does not break when striking. Another advantage of using aspen is that it burns evenly and does not contain any resin. 

Swedish aspen thrives in light conditions and grows fast in nutrient-rich soil. Aspen also has a high ability to absorb water, which is essential for the manufacture of quality matches. One of the most characteristic features of aspen is its fluttering leaves.


Our factories – Swedish-made safety matches since 1868

Swedish Match matches are 100% Swedish-made. For more than 100 years, our factories in Tidaholm and Vetlanda have been the global hub for match manufacturing. Over the years, both cities have evolved around their centrally located match factories.



Tändsticksfabrik AB Vulcan was founded in Tidaholm in 1868. Since its inception, match manufacturing has continued in the same location. Tidaholm now hosts one of the most modern match factories in the world.


Vetlanda tändsticksfabrik AB was founded in 1907. More than 100 years later, our matches are still manufactured in the same location. This is where all aspen from our timber suppliers is delivered and the process from log to splint commences. We also produce all of our labels and matchboxes in the Vetlanda factory.


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Full swing in our factory at Tidaholm. Around 1955.

The history of matches

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In 1844, Gustav Pasch from Sweden invented the safety match. The new safety match replaced the old, highly combustible strike-anywhere match. It marked the start of a wave of new brands and match factories all over Sweden and Europe. Swedish Match quickly became a world leader in match manufacturing and has remained a global player for more than 150 years.