Matches made by Swedish Match Industries AB are manufactured according to the European match standard EN 1783:1997.

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The matches we manufacture and sell meet the world´s highest quality and safety requirements. The Swedish Match Industries MATCHTEK® standard is an assurance for that.

The MATCHTEK® standard is an extension of the existing European match standard EN 1783:1997 (Matches: Performance requirements, safety and classification). The restrictions are stricter than those in the EN 1783:1997, and the methods for analysis and testing are more complex.

Our complying with this standard means that our distributors and consumers can be confident that our matches have been subject to rigorous quality control tests. The MATCHTEK® standard assures that they are using safe and reliable matches that are environmentally friendly.

Match safety

Most of Swedish Match’s matches are safety matches which means that the match only will be ignited when struck against a specially treated, chemically active friction surface on the side of the box. The most important properties of safety matches are that they strike easily, do not split or drop burning debris, do not easily break, do not continue to glow after the flame is extinguished, do not contain toxic heavy metals, and are environmentally friendly. Matches do not self-ignite during normal handling.