Our factories

Our company, Swedish Match Industries AB, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of matches. We manufacture matches at our factories in Tidaholm and Vetlanda.

In Tidaholm we have the world's most modern and flexible factory for match production.

In Vetlanda we have our factory for splint (match sticks) and skillets (printed outer boxes).

The plants comprise the world's most modern and flexible facility.

We produce matchboxes in ten different formats, ranging from small pocket boxes to household boxes. There are about 175 different matchbox designs, and even more variants due to different sizes and types of packaging.

Some of the best known designs are Three Stars, Solstickan, The Palmtree, Redheads, Swan Vestas, The Flower Basket and The Swallow.

We supply high quality matches to a great many countries world-wide. Around 40% of production is sold in Europe while the remainder goes to Africa, Central America, The Carribean, Oceania and Middle East.

The climate in many countries makes exacting demands on match quality. High humidity in combination with heat means that only the best matches will do. And that's a field where we have extensive experience.